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Children of the Blacklist
Left to Right: Eric Foner, Stephanie Mauer, Naomi Cohen Sachs, Joanna Rubin Uziel and Robby Meeropol at the Dreamers and Fighters: NYC Teacher Purges Commemorative Meeting honoring the NYC Teachers Union.

As part of our Dreamers and Fighters Commemorative Program honoring the Teachers Union at the Wagner Labor Archives, we presented a panel called Children of the Blacklist. Several sons and daughters of Teachers Union members participated – among them, Eric Foner, Joan Wallach Scott, and Robby Meeropol.

This Web version will offer a forum for the sons and daughters of Teachers Union members to tell their stories about growing up as their parents were being pursued during the Board of Education investigations from the Rapp-Coudert purges of the 1930s to the McCarran dismissals in the 1950s.

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